How Do I...

Pic 2With over 100,000 people living in just over 34 square miles, our West Valley communities’ day-to-day activities can significantly impact the health of our local watersheds. When you hear about stormwater pollution, it’s important to remember that anything entering a storm drain does not flow to a treatment facility. Instead, it flows untreated to our creeks, rivers, bay, and ocean.

Many actions that we engage in at home and work can pollute our local waterways. To keep our watershed healthy, and to help protect local creeks and the San Francisco Bay, we can each play a part in preventing stormwater pollution. Here at the Authority, we are continually reminded of our mission to prevent stormwater pollution and improve water quality. Clean water comes from local action and inspired citizens engaged in the stewardship of our local creeks, rivers, lakes, and San Francisco Bay. We have incredible member agencies and we are working toward our vision with them on innovative and successful programs and projects.

This Is Where You Can Help!

This section organizes "How Do I?" information that different audiences may find useful. Follow the links to find out more information about what you can do to help prevent stormwater pollution!

  • Residents can learn how to dispose of hazardous waste, avoid pesticide use, and report a spill.
  • Schools can learn about science fair ideas, request an enviroscape presentation, and learn about other school resources.
  • Businesses can learn about proper e-waste disposal, good housekeeping practices, and landscape maintenance.
  • Construction developers, contractors, and do-it-yourself homeowners who supervise remodeling can learn how to prevent excess soil and chemicals from polluting our waterways.
  • Everyone can help our creeks by joining a creek cleanup or litter cleanup event
  • Follow us on our website and social media.

Whatever you do, be an active citizen steward of the environment. Be committed to clean water!