C.2 Municipal Operations

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The Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (MRP) Provision C.2 requires municipalities to implement appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) to control and reduce non-stormwater and polluted stormwater discharges to storm drains and watercourses during operation, inspection, and routine repair and maintenance activities of municipal facilities and infrastructure. Activities defined with specific requirements include: 

Implementing BMPs that prevent the discharge of polluted wash water and non-stormwater to storm drains from:

  • Street sweeping and road repair and maintenance
  • Sidewalk/plaza maintenance and pavement washing
  • Bridge and structure maintenance and graffiti removal
  • Rural Road and Public Works construction and maintenance

Corporation Yard BMP implementation:

Implement and maintain a site-specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for corporation yards, including municipal vehicle maintenance, heavy equipment, and maintenance vehicle parking areas, and material storage facilities, to comply with water quality standards. Each SWPPP must incorporate all applicable BMPs that are described in the California Stormwater Quality Association’s (CASQA) Handbook for Municipal Operations and the Caltrans Storm Water Quality Handbook Maintenance Staff Guide, May 2003, and its addenda, as appropriate.

Provision C.2. Municipal Operations of the MRP

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