The Authority works hard to inform our residents about the impacts of stormwater pollution and the best practices to prevent it. We can all take action to reduce water pollution through the choices we make around the house, with our pets, in lawn maintenance, in transportation, and the proper handling of potentially hazardous materials.

Do your part to help prevent water pollution in local creeks
and the Bay!
Remember, only rain down the storm drain!


  • Check your vehicle for leaks and get vehicle emissions checked regularly. Recycle used oil, antifreeze, and other fluids.
  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash, or wash on a landscaped area where water will soak into the ground, rather than on your driveway, where water runs into the street and storm drain.
  • Drive less! Instead, consider taking a bus or a train. Carpool or bike to work. Buy a low-emission vehicle.

Household Hazardous Waste

  • Dispose of household hazardous waste properly. Contact the Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste Program to learn about the proper disposal of common household hazardous waste like fluorescent bulbs, pesticides, cleaning chemicals and solvents, batteries (household and automotive), paint and paint thinners, medicines, motor oil, and filters.

Electronic Waste (E-waste)

  • Properly dispose of electronic waste. E-waste may contain heavy metals such as mercury, which can contaminate our waterways. Check with your waste hauler, West Valley Collection and Recycling (WVCR), to find dates and locations of free E-Waste Drop-off events, or to make an appointment for drop-off at the WVCR facility. E-waste includes such items as DVD players, laptop computers, printers, and similar items.

Lawn & Garden Care

  • Help keep your yard safe for children, pets - and our watershed! Make use of the extensive resources that teach less-toxic pest control, such as landscaping with native plants. Use fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides sparingly. Use non-toxic alternatives or least toxic chemicals, following directions carefully.
  • Only hire Green Gardeners, and certified IPM pest control companies. Reduce lawn area and use native plants that are pest resistant and drought tolerant.
  • Make landscapes water-friendly with green infrastructures, such as permeable pavers, rain barrels, rain gardens, and bioswales.

Pet Waste 

  • Pick up after your pets. Scoop your dog’s poop and properly dispose of it.
  • Take the Pet Waste Pledge and receive your FREE doggie waste bag dispenser!


  • Reduce trash by using reusable bags, containers, straws, and utensils.
  • Take the No Plastic Straw Challenge Pledge and receive your FREE reusable straw!
  • Dispose of litter and recycling properly and keep garbage and recycling cans covered.
  • Volunteer for a creek clean-up event.

Home Improvement Projects

  • Rinse latex paint tools in a sink, not outdoors.
  • Don’t wash tools or dispose of excess materials in the gutter or storm drain.
  • Drain your pool or spa into a sanitary sewer cleanout or drain the water to a vegetated area, not into a street or storm drain. Contact your Sanitation District before discharging into the sanitary sewer.

Report a Spill

Use this form to report a spill.