Get Involved

The West Valley’s beauty is something to preserve.
Help keep our watersheds clean and beautiful for generations to come!

Campbell Pond

                                                                                                         Photo Credit: J. Kitzenberger

Protect & Enjoy Your Watershed

  1. Cars pollute air and water, so drive less.
  2. Ride a bike or walk along a creek. For trail information, visit the Park Here Website.
  3. Take a walk along the wetlands with a naturalist.
  4. Adopt your local creek or park or volunteer for a creek clean-up event. Find other volunteer opportunities on the My Watershed Watch website.
  5. Donate your time to work with kids as a member of “Environmental Volunteers”.
  6. Volunteer with South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition at events every other month.
  7. Volunteer at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.
  8. Volunteer with Grassroots Ecology to improve local ecosystems in open spaces and urban places.

What is a watershed?  

A watershed is a geographic area where all of the water that runs off of or under that area of land eventually ends up in the same place. This means that the water that runs off of your property eventually ends up in our lakes, rivers, and streams. There are several things you can do to help improve the health of our local creeks and the San Francisco Bay.

Take the watershed pledge today to help protect our water resources!