Tips and Best Management practices (BMPs) for specific businesses to help pass stormwater inspections and keep our watershed clean!


Mobile Businesses (including Carpet Cleaners, Pet Groomers, Vehicle Washers or Detailers, & Power Washers/Surface Cleaners)

Light Industrial/Commercial

Light industrial and commercial businesses include: 

  • Automotive repair
  • Car washes
  • Gas stations
  • Manufacture of goods
  • Retail
  • Salvage yards
  • Warehouses
  • Other light industrial uses

Please follow the BMPs found in these brochures and booklets to reduce storm drain pollution:

Industrial General Permit

In addition to the resources provided above, some defined industrial businesses are required to obtain an Industrial General Permit (IGP) from the State Water Resources Control Board, implement a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), and submit annual reports. To see if your business should have an IGP, visit the CA State Water Board's Industrial web page.

Report a Spill

View the Report Stormwater Pollution page.