Rishi Kumar

Rishi Kumar, City of Saratoga

Rishi Kumar

City of Saratoga

Phone: 408-805-5993
Twitter Handle: @Rishikumar1
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Rishi's background is a nexus of politics, high-tech, public/private sector, non-profit, policy-making; community organizing is his passion. He is currently a councilmember of Saratoga, while working full-time in an executive leadership position in the high-tech industry. Rishi is currently a Board member on: National League of Cities Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials APAMO, California League of Cities API Caucus, California Democratic Party API Caucus. Rishi is also the Executive Board Member of the CA Democratic Party representing his Assembly district and also a California Democratic Party Delegate. Rishi holds a Master degree from the University of Connecticut in Mechanical Engineering.

His charter on the Saratoga city council is to provide services to his community cheaper, faster better. Rishi believes in taking on the toughest challenges of his community and focusing upon them to deliver strong results, applying the hi-tech framework towards measurable objectives, goals and results. Rishi loves applying the high-tech innovation to governance, community outreach and engagement.

Efforts/Community Events

As Silicon Valley’s community organizer, Rishi is host of many efforts/ community events, many of which are free and always inclusive usually addressing a need or a cause that fall under five categories

1. Youth Technology and Leadership
2. Helping a social cause/need, give-back
3. Citizen and neighborhood engagement/ building awareness
4. Health/Wellness/Spiritual
5. Cultural Celebrations, intermingling opportunities