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Chuck Page, City of Saratoga

Chuck Page

City of Saratoga

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Chuck Page has served in the Saratoga community since moving to the area in 1998. His community service to Saratoga is unsurpassed and he "bleeds” Saratoga. Chuck has a B.S. in Mathematics and Business Administration, started his career at IBM in New Jersey and held executive positions at IBM, Microsoft and several Computer Sales companies.  He took his technical and sales experience into the Recycling and Waste Management industry before starting his own business in the financial services industry. Chuck’s insurance and financial services business is on Big Basin Way (between the Bank of America and the Chamber of Commerce) in Saratoga.

Community Service (partial list)
President Saratoga Chamber of Commerce 2020-2023
Saratoga Rotarian since 2000
President Saratoga Rotary 2018-2019
President Friends of Saratoga Libraries 2002-2003
Hakone Foundation Board
Precinct Captain, Saratoga Library Bond Measure
SASCC Board 2004-2006
Led the effort to have parklets installed on Big Basin Way so people could eat outside and keep restaurants in business. 

Government Service (partial list)
League of CA Cities State Environmental Policy Committee 2008-2014 (Chair 2013-2014)
President Peninsula Division League of CA Cities 2013-2014
Valley Transportation Authority Board 2009-2011
Silicon Valley Water Commission 2008-2009
West Valley Sanitation Board 2006-2014
West Valley Solid Waste JPA 2006-2008
Valley Transportation Authority Policy Advisory Committee Chair 2007-2009

City of Saratoga
Mayor 2008-09, 2011-2012
Council Member 2006-2014
Saratoga Public Safety Task Force 2016-18 (Vice-Chair)
Saratoga Wildfire Public Safety Task Force 2019-20 (Chair)
Saratoga Planning Commission 1998-2001